HIFE Financial Education and Literacy

Financial well-being is fundamental to the foundation of any successful society. Our mission is to provide quality hands-on financial education courses for adults, while also providing college planning for students who will become the adult leaders of the future. We achieve our mission primarily through the following three services:

Financial Wellness Programs

The Heartland Institute provides financial education programs for companies and organizations that want their people to enjoy a more financially secure future. When employees and members are more sure of their future and working toward their goals through a sound game plan, they are more productive in the workplace. The programs are offered through alliances with some of the nation’s top educational institutions and are taught by CFEd® instructors who have been approved for membership in the Registry.

College Planning

Our college planning program is designed to successfully guide students and parents through the complex college preparation, selection and funding process. Our certified coaches work directly with families to establish an action plan that is personally developed for each student. This plan is critical for the student to properly prepare for college, obtain proper career assessment and choose the right college.   Additionally, we help the student create a personal resume that will aid them in competing for valuable student loans, awards, grants and other forms of assistance that may help offset college education costs.

Professional Certifications

This focused education is provided by experienced financial professionals who are recognized by The Institute as qualified instructors. All of these individuals have earned their CFEd® designation – CFE Certified Financial Educator®, the first registered credential of its kind. The CFEd® recognizes the financial professional who teaches others.

Our Mission

Financial well-being is fundamental to the foundation of every successful society. One of the Heartland Institute’s missions is to provide quality educational courses conveniently offered in the workplace or community settings in cities across North America. We hold ourselves to a high standard of performance, judged primarily through our commitment to diversity, involvement and responsibility.


OUR COMMITMENT is to an open attitude of acceptance and a desire to encourage differing points of view. We value varying social and ethnic backgrounds and the life experiences they bring to the educational process.


OUR COMMITMENT encourages all participants to take part in the exercises, case studies and course material. Our instructors provide valuable, pertinent information while assisting all participants to learn and contribute.


OUR COMMITMENT encourages all participants to learn from this classroom experience by applying the lessons to their own situation, accepting greater responsibility, and striving to achieve personal goals for the future.