To achieve these objectives, the Heartland Institute partners with colleges and universities throughout the United States to provide financial education courses to businesses and their employees, organizations and their members, and even civic and community groups who desire this type of purely educational coursework and information.  These courses are taught by CFE Certified Financial Educators®, […]

These days, we are besieged with ever-increasing responsibilities and demands on our time.  Americans work more hours than ever before and statistics tell us that we are not taking adequate time to strategically organize and implement effective personal financial planning.  The key to this type of planning begins with financial education – something that most of […]

ATTN: High School Seniors This is a busy time for our high school seniors.  It’s time to apply for college!!!! At this time of year, high school seniors need to focus on the application process. This includes completing applications, writing essays, ordering transcripts and setting up references.  All of this takes time and is critical […]

Financial Education Needs to Start Early Arizona Pathways to Life Success for University Students (APLUS) National Endowment For Financial Education,    Aug. 2014   STUDY FINDS COLLEGE GRADS CONFRONT ROCKY TRANSITION TO SELF-SUFFICIENCY Diverse Challenges Impact Young Adults’ Financial Well-Being TUCSON, ARIZONA—The majority of young adults are struggling to achieve financial security in their transition from […]