International College Planning

Determining to attend a College or University in the United States is not always an easy decision. There are many steps that an International student must take in order to properly register and attend a U.S. education institution.In order for families to best prepare for this future event, it is important to understand higher education pricing, the admissions process, obtaining the proper documents to apply for a student visa, the interview process and how to best navigate the entire complex university system. The Heartland Institute employs a variety of strategies to help position families and students to receive optimal placement and funding.

What We Provide

The HIFE International College Planning (ICP) program provides families with university and college planning solutions. By enrolling in the HIFE International College Planning program, you will receive assistance with:

  • A Personal College Coach
  • Student Personal Interests Assessment
  • Student Skills Assessment
  • Student Work Values Assessment
  • University Selection
  • Application and Admission process for International students
  • Student Monthly Recommendation
  • Essay Review
  • Preparation for English requirement exams
  • Student/Parent Coaching
  • College Planning Checklist
  • College Comparison
  • Determine & Obtain proper student visa documents
  • Student Career Analysis
  • Practice/Suggestions for Visa Interview
  • Career Research & Comparison
  • Resume Guidance & Review
  • Internship Guidance

ICP Coaches

Our Coaches work directly with students and parents to establish an action-plan for college selection and acceptance.  We help the student develop a personal “resume” that will aid them in obtaining a visa so that they can attend a U.S. college or university.

Our Coaches average over 20 years of experience in the Education Planning arena including teaching and admissions. Each coach will guide you from the admissions, to the financial aid, to the college selection, to the award acceptance process all the way until you get into college.  HIFE ICP Coaches work with students from their freshmen year in high school all the way through their senior year.  We have developed a Coaching program that helps students step-by-step in planning for higher education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the coach help with other specifics from the college?

Yes, but the family needs to ask for help from the coach if they receive something from the university, etc.  The college will not communicate directly with the coach.  It is the family’s responsibility to communicate everything to the coach pertaining to the student’s education.

Does the coach communicate with the parents?

Yes, the parents are copied on all communication to and from the coach.

If the student is a freshman in high school, how does the coach help him/her?

The coach can make recommendations on time-management but know that the coach will not tutor the student during high school. Coaches recommend but don’t do homework for the student or write essays, etc. The coach also helps student select the correct courses and assess the student’s interests and skills with the Heartland’s assessment software, amongst many other things.

Getting Started

Making the decision to enroll your student into the HIFE International College Planning program is the first step to a beneficial higher education experience and more importantly a successful career. Here are the steps to getting enrolled:

  • Contact the Heartland Institute here to have any specific questions answered and to start the enrollment process.
  • Upon enrollment, you will be contacted by your Personal Coach who will:
  1. Welcome you as his/her personal client.
  2. Go over the important steps required to “Do Education Right”.
  3. Ensure all activities begin in a timely manner.
  4. Work on your behalf with an on-staff Research Analyst.
  5. Promptly answer all questions related to college planning/visa process
  6. Provide you with essential tools to help you succeed.
  7. Assist you in the fulfillment of your aspirations to achieve your educational goals in a cost-effective manner.
  • For the program to be truly successful, the student and parent(s) need to complete the tasks given by the coach and communicate as much as possible.

International Student/Coach Website

The Heartland Institute has a dedicated website that contains even more information on the International College Planning program. To visit this site please click here.

If you would like to learn more about the Heartland Institute’s International College Planning program, please call 303-597-0197 or email or simply complete the form below:

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International College Planning


The Heartland Institute of Financial Education’s International College Planning (HIFE ICP) is a higher education planning, coaching and funding program, the purpose of which is to help students and parents successfully navigate the complex U.S college planning, selection and international acceptance process.

It is the goal of the Heartland Institute to help young International students obtain a college education in the United States.  We help families properly plan so that all of the necessary steps are taken in order for their student to attend a U.S Higher Education Institution…

HIFE provides detailed analysis and strategies that help “mitigate” the student visa and application process.  Each client/family is assigned a “Coach” who works directly with the student and parents, assisting them with the education planning, funding and admissions process.

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