The College Consultant Certification is a nationally recognized certification program that is offered through the Heartland Institute of Financial Education, a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit. This unique certification program is awarded to individual professional practitioners who have knowledge in the field of financial services as well as a desire to help students and the families that support them achieve the goal of higher education.

Consultant Application

Benefits of becoming a College Consultant

  • Increase in knowledge and experience covering another area of the financial foundation and wellness supporting HIFE’s mission.
  • Brings access to families with children that are high school to college age and who are highly concerned about planning and finding money to provide for their children’s college education.
  • Provides assistance to help his/her own children and network of family, colleagues, and friends plan and save and achieve their goals of higher education.
  • Provides an entryway to meet people they can help
  • Generates additional income for the consultant.
  • Provides an opportunity to assess parents’ assets, which may help them qualify for financial assistance such as grants, scholarships, and student loans.
  • Affords an opportunity to review insurance coverage (to the uninsured or underinsured) to protect the family.

College Consultant Responsibilities

  • Present the HIFE CPP to prospective parents/students.
  • Provide information regarding the enrollment process in the HIFE CPP to parents.
  • Discuss the qualification requirements for students to enroll in the HIFE CPP.
  • Collect personal data and payment from parents and students for the HIFE CPP enrollment.
  • Encourage the student to complete the career assessment.
  • Monitor the progress of the student’s assigned homework and lesson plans.
  • Assist the HIFE Coaches in the communication lines with the parents and students.
  • Report factors to the HIFE Coaches that may assist in the scholarships, grants and student loan search.
  • Track the student’s College Planning Checklist.
  • Share the monthly Scholars newsletter with your current of prospective clients – the Scholars newsletter can be found by clicking on Our Resources.

Consultant Certification Requirements

  • Must complete a background check and have a clean record.
  • Must be current and “in good standing” with regulators.
  • Must complete the HIFE CPP Certification Class. Register here
  • Must pass the HIFE CPP Certification Exam.
  • Must sign a HIFE CPP Agreement.
  • Must adhere to the HIFE Regulations.
  • Must enroll a minimum of 2 Students per year.
  • Must stay current with all updated procedures and materials.
  • Must adhere to the Consultant responsibilities.
  • If these are not met, a recertification process and fee will apply.

Renewal Requirements

  • Must enroll a minimum of 2 Students per year
  • Must stay current with all updated procedures and materials
  • Must adhere to the Consultant responsibilities
  • If these are not met, a re-certification process and fee will apply

Click HERE to start the re-certification process and pay the associated fee

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Certified College Consultant


Certified College Consultants serve as the liaison between the parents, students and coaches for the College Planning Program (CPP). While the Heartland Institute’s Certified Coaches assist students with career guidance and the college search, the primary role for Certified College Consultants is to present and provide information about HIFE CPP to prospective parents and students.

The online HIFE CPP Certification course provides the foundation needed to begin supporting both students and parents as they navigate the college admissions process, tuition planning, academic support, career assessments and much more.

Certified College Consultants are absolutely critical to the overall success of the HIFE CPP program.

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