To achieve these objectives, the Heartland Institute partners with colleges and universities throughout the United States to provide financial education courses to businesses and their employees, organizations and their members, and even civic and community groups who desire this type of purely educational coursework and information.  These courses are taught by CFE Certified Financial Educators®, who have both instructional and practical business experience.

The results have been amazing. Employees and private citizens who would never take the time to attend a course in financial education are joining their colleagues for class at the community center, office or plant after work.  As a further incentive, spouses/partners are invited to join the class for no additional cost.

In order to assist the development of a national financial literacy movement, Title V of The Fair and Accurate Credit Transitions Act, also known as the Financial Literacy and Education Act, created the Financial Literacy and Education Commission.  Comprised of 20 federal agencies, the commission is charged with coordinating federal efforts to develop a national strategy to promote financial literacy in the United States. The non-profit Heartland Institute of Financial Education (HIFE) has adopted this mission.  Focusing on the workplace, HIFE partners with colleges and universities nationally to offer financial wellness courses on-site to America’s workforce.  

Accredited Colleges and Universities are the critical link between the Heartland Institute of Financial Education, businesses and their employees and retirees.  The Institute has created an opportunity for employees to receive excellent financial education at the worksite through nationally sponsored classes, as well as retirees through public classes.

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