Filling out FAFSA—more Important than Financial Aid First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to students about college affordability at a workshop on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at TC Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. When it comes to applying for financial aid for college, no single document is more important to complete […]

SPECIAL EDITION:  Understanding Financial Aid What is financial aid?  Financial aid is the money given or lent to you to help pay for college.  It is intended for students to pay for educational expenses including tuition, fees, books, room & board and supplies for education at a public college/university, or private college/university. Many high school […]

HIFE CPP Declares December As “National College Planning Awareness Month – Do College Right” In an effort to help many families prepare for their children’s college education and career goals, the Heartland Institute of Financial Education’s College Planning Program (HIFE CPP) has dedicated December as “NATIONAL COLLEGE PLANNING AWARENESS” month. While many parents and students are […]

College Admissions Guide For H.S. Seniors In November Fall is the busiest time for most high school seniors.  Here is a checklist of items to keep in mind as you prepare for the last couple of months of the year: Application Deadlines – Normally, November is the month when many colleges will allow early admissions. […]

To achieve these objectives, the Heartland Institute partners with colleges and universities throughout the United States to provide financial education courses to businesses and their employees, organizations and their members, and even civic and community groups who desire this type of purely educational coursework and information.  These courses are taught by CFE Certified Financial Educators®, […]

ATTN: High School Seniors This is a busy time for our high school seniors.  It’s time to apply for college!!!! At this time of year, high school seniors need to focus on the application process. This includes completing applications, writing essays, ordering transcripts and setting up references.  All of this takes time and is critical […]

Things To Do To Prepare For Your High School Senior Year August is an exciting time for many students as they prepare for the next upcoming school year.  As you enter your senior year, the  more organized you are at the  beginning of the school year, the more you’ll have a chance to enjoy what […]