Worried About Your Financial Wellness? Time to Study up on Behavioral Economics By John Hoffmire & Ben Yound   PFEEF  May  2015 Have you ever wondered why you make certain decisions against your better judgment? Why is it, even when you know what is right, that choosing it is such a challenge? While moral philosophers have debated these questions […]

Web Industries: Investing In Employee Financial Wellness By Krystal Bailey   PFEEF  April  2015 Web Industries, a material-converting and manufacturing company, was started by Robert Fulton in 1969. In 1985, Fulton began offering stock to the employees, and in 2000, the company became 100 percent employee-owned. Josh Chernin, the Vice President of European Operations, says that […]

Avengers Save the Day: Innovative Groups Teach Youth Financial Wellness By Nikki Eberhardt   PFEEF  March  2015 What do superheroes and mentors, financial calculators and online courses have in common? Each is a financial wellness tool developed by Visa, Staples Foundation, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Operation Hope to teach youth financial […]

Getting Employees (Financially) Fit: Why Employers are Stepping In By Paylocity, December 2, 2014 It’s no secret that employees who are healthy and happy are more productive and engaged at work. Wellness also keeps heath care costs down. It’s a strong argument for employee wellness programs. More and more, employers are adding financial wellness programs […]

Advisers See Greater Employer Interest in Financial Wellness By Melissa A. Winn, ebn, Employee Benefits News   October 29, 2014 Benefit brokers say employers are more and more looking toward financial wellness programs to assist employees saddled with increased health care costs. As employers continue to shift health care costs to their employees, benefit brokers say […]

These days, we are besieged with ever-increasing responsibilities and demands on our time.  Americans work more hours than ever before and statistics tell us that we are not taking adequate time to strategically organize and implement effective personal financial planning.  The key to this type of planning begins with financial education – something that most of […]

Financial Education Needs to Start Early Arizona Pathways to Life Success for University Students (APLUS) National Endowment For Financial Education,    Aug. 2014   STUDY FINDS COLLEGE GRADS CONFRONT ROCKY TRANSITION TO SELF-SUFFICIENCY Diverse Challenges Impact Young Adults’ Financial Well-Being TUCSON, ARIZONA—The majority of young adults are struggling to achieve financial security in their transition from […]

Top 3 Financial Resolutions for 2014 Amanda McGrory-Dixon, Employee Benefit News December 2013 A record-breaking number of Americans (54%) are considering kicking off 2014 by making financial resolutions, according to the fifth annual “New Year Financial Resolutions Study” by Fidelity Investments. That’s good news for employers, many of whom are increasingly embracing the concept of […]

New Study Takes Pressure off Pre-Retirees Worried About Not Saving Enough A new study by Marlena Lee of Dimensional Fund Advisors examines how desperate the savings situation is for pre-retirees. There hasn’t been a dearth of studies that report an alarming future for pre-retirees, and replacement rates of 75 to 80 percent are often cited, […]

Why Gen X And Late Boomers Aren’t On Track For Retirement According to a recent study, Gen X and late baby boomers are on track to replace only about half of their current income when they reach retirement — which means they’ll need to seriously downgrade their lifestyles. Most financial planners recommend replacing, at the […]