Workplace Programs

These days, we are besieged with ever-increasing responsibilities and demands on our time.  Americans work more hours than ever before and statistics tell us that we are not taking adequate time to strategically organize and implement effective personal financial planning.  The key to this type of planning begins with financial education – something that most of us never received in school, but which we all desperately need.

The Institute’s objective is to ensure affordable, easily accessible financial education for the American workforce.  While this concept has often been discussed in the media, in the classroom and in the boardroom, little has been done to bring it to reality.  However, a new model has been developed which offers hope that this goal may be achieved.

After many years spent in course development through the Community College of Aurora (Colorado) and Colorado State University, the Board of Governors of the Heartland Institute recognized that consumers would be well-served if the success of these financial programs were duplicated in colleges and universities throughout the United States.  The concept is simple:

  • Bring financial expertise and training on an educational, non-solicitous basis to employees at their work location for their convenience.
  • Provide knowledgeable, qualified instructors equipped with practical course material.
  • Require that an accredited college or university sponsor every course offered.

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