Lillie Ben, MSFS, MBA, MS is a Colorado-based wealth strategist and licensed fiduciary financial adviser.  For nearly two decades, she continues to focus on educating her clients…especially women clients…to understand the financial decision-making process that empowers them to take control of their monies. Now a PhD candidate at Walden University in the School of Decision Science & Applied Management with the emphasis on Finance, she is researching best practices for mentorships—based on gender mentoring protocols to implement as a Mentor and as a financial educator. As an Adjunct Professor at several Denver education institutions, she teaches and applies financial decision-making with ‘emotional intelligence [EI]’.  She guides her students and her clients to view their financial situations based on their awareness of their mindset and perceptions around money—a specific focus that she coined, “Gender-Based Neural-Financial Cognition [GB/NFC]™”.  GB/NFC™ is an awareness of the clients to view their overall financial conditions while optimizing their decision-making process according to their cognition of wants and needs relative to their cognition of self and money.

Her firm, the Essentria Financial Experience, LLC, and her team of advisors work together with enterprises to primarily focus on expense reduction through tax mitigation and forensic audits; and with business owners on their employee benefits as 3(38) fiduciaries and ERISA §404(a).  With individuals, Lillie and her team work on retirement and income planning [implementing efficient tax strategies for higher income accumulations and higher income distributions]; and with families to also focus on college planning that lowers ‘expected family contributions’ [EFC]; maintains the cost of attendance’ [COA]; that ultimately lowers overall ‘family needs’ [FN]—lowering out-of-pocket tuition payments.