Lillie Ben, MSFS, MBA, MS is a Colorado-based wealth strategist and licensed fiduciary financial adviser.  For nearly two decades, she continues to focus on educating her clients…especially women clients…to understand the financial decision-making process that empowers them to take control of their monies. Now a PhD candidate at Walden University in the School of Decision […]

Mr. Anderson is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of GRAnderson Wealth Management Group. GRAnderson Wealth Management Group, Inc. is a registered investment advisory firm specializing in comprehensive financial planning and investment management services designing plans to meet clients’ life goals, with an emphasis on alternative and tax advantaged investments. Prior to forming GRAnderson Wealth […]

David L. McConico has a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in strategic planning, accounting, finance and investment management. David is Senior Managing Director for Watts Global, LLC, a boutique investment banking firm. He is a Registered Representative with First Florida Securities, Inc., a securities broker dealer. David has served as a trustee for […]

Doug has been an entrepreneur for the past 45 years. Starting his own businesses has been as natural as it has been continuous for Doug, beginning in his college days and progressing through several different industries and skill sets. Having earned a BMEd, (piano) from the University of Colorado, Boulder, he performed professionally for several […]